RU-N Community Partnerships

Rutgers-Newark prides itself on being a "campus without borders" and building meaningful relationships across the City of Newark. The LGBTQ & Diversity Resource Center partners with many community organizations throughout the city, providing students with opportunities to provide service to their community and a valuable resource to the organizations we serve. Our most recent partnerships include:

LGBTQ Training for City of Newark Police Department
This project is being conceptualized and executed in partnership with the City of Newark's Mayor's Commission on LGBTQ Concerns.

LGBTQ Youth Summit and Pre-College Program
This new and exciting project will serve LGBTQ youth in the Newark Public School District and support youth as they persist towards their high school graduation. This project, which will launch during 2013-2014, is being conceptualized and executed by a committee of programs across the city: Newarlk Public Schools, Hetrick-Martin Institute, NJCRI and many others!

Newark Pride Celebration
Rutgers-Newark is a proud partner in the City of Newark Pride Celebration each July! Our staff host an event on campus as part of this celebraiton and sit on the core planning committee throughout the year.